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Badass Cowboys Owner Just Went On LIVE TV And Pissed Off Every Racist Player With BIG Announcement

The NFL just hit a new ratings low as their week 2 stats dropped double digits from what it was last year. If you think that’s just a random thing, then think again. There’s plenty of reasons why the NFL ratings dropped and I’m betting that most of them come from irritated Americans who are tired of overpaid racists and entitled anti-American athletes protesting the American flag during the National Anthem.

The bad ratings for the NFL are long overdue and stem back to when Commissioner Roger Goodell took over for Paul Tagliabue in 2006.

Goodell slowly turned the gritty league of rivalries and smash-mouth football into the grown men’s equivalent of a backyard game with liberal referees.

Goodell was fining grown men for swearing and taunting. He was penalizing players for touchdown celebrations. Goodell continuously takes all the fun and glory out of good old-fashioned American football and turned it into a weak league where grown men can’t do anything in the heat of battle without getting fined.

Grown men, paid millions to entertain us mere onlookers, can’t even celebrate an 80-yard touchdown bomb without getting in trouble. Grown men can’t even hate another team anymore and talk trash to them without hearing from upstairs.

In other words, the NFL has sucked for at least 10 years.

Here’s just how bad the ratings have dropped, as reported by Breitbart:

A report from Sports Media Watch, says that the NFL’s Week Two game fell an incredible 24 percent over last year’s Week Two and 15 percent over the ratings seen in 2015. CBS earned an 8.4 rating with 14.5 million viewers last Sunday. However, last year’s Week Two game earned Fox an 11 share and 19.2 million viewers. For 2015, CBS saw a 9.8 rating and 16.7 million viewers, according to Sports Media Watch.

Take all the destruction and showboating away from football and you’re left with just a handful of mundane games and not much else to talk about. It’s been rather lame for the last ten years and now we have one more icing to top the proverbial cake with.

Now we have racist athletes protesting the American flag and raising black power fists.

Colin Kaepernick, Marshawn Lynch, Michael Bennet – all disrespecting America and acting like a bunch of over-privileged racists who don’t respect the country that’s paying them millions to run around like a kid and play some ball.

These guys, and a handful of second-rate players don’t realize how lucky they are to be the one in a million professional athlete stealing millions from hardworking Americans.

Let’s be honest – all they do is run around with a ball and they earn millions for it – well, Colin Kaepernick used to. He’s still unemployed because he’s a second rate player who probably wants top tier money, but he doesn’t throw for 3,500 yards like an elite quarterback would. He’s better than Mark Sanchez, but that’s not saying much. Or is he? Mark Sanchez is on an NFL roster, Kaepernick isn’t!

Finally, one team owner is standing up for America and calling out these disrespectful and racist athletes.

Jerry Jones from the Dallas Cowboys spoke to Fox Business and provided some feedback on the current situation with the NFL and the American flag protests.

Jerry Jones nailed it when he said “I do not think the place to express yourself in society is as we recognize the American flag” and then later said we need to pay some respect to the American soldiers who’ve fought the battles and paved the road to our great American freedom.

I’m not much of a Cowboys fan since I’m from Philadelphia, but this is one thing Jerry and I can 100% agree on. His boy Zeke floundered and flopped all weekend and that couldn’t look better from an Eagle’s perspective – but I’m extremely happy to hear Jerry Jones speak like this about our flag.

NFL players need to remember one thing – we control their salary and destiny. If we, the fans, stop showing up, then they’re going to lose money.

People didn’t sign Kaepernick for several reasons, and the fans hating him is easily one of them.

Kaepernick is also no better than a backup player, too expensive, and comes with drama.

What team would really want to pay too much money for a bench warmer who the fans hate anyway? Looks like no team wants that.

Jerry Jones is great when he speaks his mind. Takes a lot for an Eagles fan to put my rivalry behind me for a moment, but I’ll happily stand united with Jerry and all the Cowboys as long as we’re all on the same page as respecting our troops, our country, and our President.

Anyone else has a problem with it, then they can get treated like Santa Claus when the Eagles fans trashed him.

Fire Goodell and make Jerry Jones the new commissioner. Fire every player who disrespects the flag.

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Source: Freedom Daily (Frank Lea)

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